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Cathy Holmes

Celebrating 35 Years of Service!

Right Choice Educational Services
has helped students to master the skills necessary to do well on all exams including:

English 10-12 Provincial Exams, FSA's, LPI, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS
and many other preparatory exams.

Essay & Writing Skills and Practical Conversation
NIDES, SIDES, AP and Learn@Home Classes 

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Whatever your English level or your purpose for upgrading,
our programs will help you to advance forward
 in your academic or career plans

Affordable online sessions,
monthly seminars and workshops!
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Our students consistently grade higher on exams 
because they learn the secrets and the tools that they need 
to exceed markers expectations.

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Online Classes 
In home sessions:

Nanaimo & Area

Destination Training 

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