"Being in Cathy’s classes has certainly benefited me. Learning everything from grammar, to ways to write a good essay, to even learning invaluable life lessons. I like how her classes with me aren’t just laborious worksheets where you fill in the blanks, mindlessly. She knows how to get you involved into the topic, usually by asking a thought-provoking question. She’s also very respectful towards different opinions, as she understands that with various people, comes an endless possibility of perception. I wholeheartedly enjoyed my time with Cathy, and value it deeply. She and I always manage to have a fun time during class, regardless of the lesson we have. I feel blessed to have had the chance to be taught by her, as both a student and a citizen in the world of life." 
Alan Lee

"Cathy is a very patient teacher. She helped my daughters to improve their English in a short period. I find that besides being an English tutor, she also teaches about life experiences.  Her teaching style is never dull because she uses various ways to educate my daughters. I am very glad that I have found an excellent tutor for my daughters and now we are good friends.  She does not mind using her time out of class to teach me how to pronounce words correctly.  I appreciate what she has done for my daughters and I thank her from the bottom of my heart."
Annissa Chan

"When I met her first time I was kind of afraid to speak in English
because I didn't have confidence about what I was saying and what I was doing.  In every class she told an example of a story in her life that would help me to relax.  She is learning Spanish and she explained that she had the same problems and fears as I did learning English. Actually, I came here almost year and a half ago, but I was too shy to use my English skills, but since I met my teacher, (who is always smiling and jovial) I  guarantee you that I am not afraid speak in English anymore. 
Thanks Cathy!" 
Stephen Shim


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As the Director of Right Choice Educational Programs, I am truly blessed, because we love what we do and our students know it. They respond well because they feel comfortable and it allows the learning to come naturally.

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Cathy Holmes
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I must say that Cathy Homes is a really, good tutor. She sits you down and explains everything to you before starting your work. As well, if you still don't understand it then she will discuss it in a way that you will know what she is saying and talking about. :) Right Choice Ed is the best tutoring service ever! I would recommend it to students that need help with provincial exam prep, LPI and anything else that they may need help with.
Tammy B

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